Apple Crates!

A few months ago, when the Seattle weather would still allow it, I helped put together a new display case in my backyard for future craft shows / sale opportunities for Constellation & Co. We got a few questions about it, so I thought I’d post some process photos here.


The old t-shirts are extremely important, because if you don’t wipe the wood dry after applying the stain, you’re stuck with a permanently sticky mess.

The screws and tie plates work well to secure these puppies because you can very easily put them on to display them and take them off again to move/store them. We used the “display crates” at the recent Winter Urban Craft Uprising in December. They looked particularly cute filled with twinkle wire lights, Christmas cards, and vintage ephemera.



  1. I am a little confused on how you secured them?? I understand what you used but for beginners like me it would be AMAZING if you could either explain or show photos on how they were secured. 🙂 🙂

  2. If I have the same crates from Joann’s but they are the white washed ones do I need to sand them first?

  3. So how do u do this ?

  4. Jennifer, I don’t understand why and where you use the tin pie pans? Aluminum foil pans between the crates? Thank you for your feed back. I live in an apt and space is premium. Will try this. Paula

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