Sound Homebrew Supply

We’re working on business cards and some really sweet coasters for one of our current clients, Sound Homebrew Supply. They’re a local Homebrewing and Wine Making supply shop in Georgetown (Seattle), so the brick red and texture we incorporated in their logo is meant to reflect the rustic aesthetic of the neighborhood. If you live in Seattle you should check them out. If you don’t live here, check out their website. You can buy a kit to homebrew your own Dunkelweizen for $40…pretty badass if you ask me. Here are some process photos from printing biz cards and coasters (more to come when they’re finished).



We moved a while ago, I’ve just been a bad blogger. Our new studio location is only a few blocks away from the old, so we moved everything by foot and dolly. We’re now on Cherry street, which rules because Cherry Street Coffee is 30 seconds away, and delicious smells from the Cafe downstairs come in through our window all day.

We’re still finessing the details of the studio, but here are some before and afters from moving in to getting settled.

The windows make a ridiculous difference in the ambience of the studio (our old studio was windowless). I have a really hard time working without natural light, so this place satisfies all of my window needs. Between 2 and 4 PM, the room explodes with really awesome light and makes our sweet little platen press (Josephine) glow. You can probably expect a future time lapse video about it.

If you want to come see the new studio in it’s full glory, come to our open house on November 12th. The second floor of our building (dubbed ’57 Biscayne) is FULL of artist studios, so you can see those too. S’gonna be a party.

address: 110 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor, Seattle
date: November 12, 2011
time: 6 – 10 PM

Visit Sara’s blog for more details about the open house.