Myrtle Alley Press

After two weeks of planning, traveling, surprises, photo shoots and weddings, I’m home with my feet on the ground and need to play a bit of catch up.

Constellation & Co.’s sale went so well that we had to get back in the studio to reprint almost immediately. There was a super high demand for the You & Me poster, so for continuity’s sake, we returned to the print shop where Sara originally printed them, at Myrtle Alley Press. This shop in West Seattle is run by a friend that Constellation occasionally rents studio space from. Personally, I think one of the neatest things about this shop is that it’s stationed in the owner’s backyard.

Myrtle Alley Press

We printed the posters on the biggest proofing press I’ve ever seen, the Vandercook. Technically, this was my first printing job, and it was a total workout. The press is so large that it requires full body motion for a single print. I’m not sure where Sara hides all of her huge beefy muscles from her years in the printing biz.

total beast machine

I really enjoyed visiting someone else’s print shop (since the only others I’ve been in are Constellation & Co. and the studio in my school). Seeing the different ways multiple establishments execute very similar things makes the idea of starting and running my own business much more tangible. It’s motivating.


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