Hi, I’m an intern.

Scout and I doing intern stuff.

I know what this looks like. A cat blog. It’s not (barely). However, cats might show up here more often than you’d like. Brad and Sara McNally are cat people, and also my new intern parents, which makes me their intern baby.

The McNally’s created, own, and operate a design/branding/letterpress biz called Constellation & Co. in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle…and for the record, I think they are the coolest and highly recommend doing business with them. They designed and printed my wedding invitations, which ended up being so awesome that I had to beg them for an internship. What else could I do?

Currently, Constellation is moving out of their studio in the notorious 619 building to a larger space a few blocks away. As soon as the craziness of moving a studio with an insanely heavy printing press dies down, I’ll be learning the technicalities of running a small and growing business. I’m looking forward to this season full of coffee, audio books, cat cuddling, and getting my hands dirty with such talented people.

Stay tuned for less silly and more exciting beefy updates on my internship.


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